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Our Principal

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Mr. David Dubois

Dear Russell Community:

Russell is always looking for ways to improve our student experience by providing opportunities for the performing arts, sciences, and other core classes. Our goal is that when students leave Russell Middle School, they will be well prepared for high school and be excited about their future and the opportunities that are to come.

 Our school has an outstanding performing arts program where Russell is one of the few middle schools that have a full-time choir, dance, band, and orchestra teacher. In addition, we offer a drama/theater class that introduces students to another creative outlet. At Russell we understand how important the arts are to the development of the whole child and will continue our commitment to the arts for years to come.

Other programs include Gateway to Technology, computer coding classes, robotics, and Gifted and Talented, and select 8th grade Pre-AP classes.

 In order to support our students academically, we have added a mastery resource class where students are provided the time to work with a teacher to address missing assignments, receive remedial help through an intervention math class, or to access tutoring. This is a daily class that helps students prepare, organize, and learn how to advocate for themselves. By setting time aside every day for our students, we believe that we can help all students succeed.

 However, students often need more than academic support. Understanding this, we have started a social emotional learning component this year that is embedded within our mastery resource class. In this program, teachers will guide students through different topics such as conflict resolution, facing the fear of failure, and how to set goals. We believe that by providing this to our students, that stronger relationships will be formed between students and teachers, resulting in a stronger, safer, and welcoming school culture.

 Russell is committed to student interests and organizations/clubs. In addition to the traditional sports, we also support clubs that are student driven and supported by teacher sponsors. We believe that Russell has much to offer from our academics, student support, and an excellent staff. We invite you to be a part of Russell Middle School and start preparing for a great future.

David DuBois


Russell Middle School