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6th Grade





Welcome to Middle School

We are so excited to have you here! The transition from elementary to middle school is an exciting time for students and families.  On this page, you will find information about different procedures common to sixth graders at Russell Middle School and some of the things that we do to make the transition from elementary to middle school a positive experience for our students.

What to Expect in Sixth Grade

  • Students will be issued a Chromebook to use for school. 
  • They should charge their Chromebooks overnight, so they will last through the school day.
  • All students are enrolled in a Mastery Resource or Discovery class that will provide daily support to help students maximize their academic performance through weekly check-ins and opportunities to complete assignments.
  • Students are assigned an advisory class for Raider Time which meets twice a week. Students will have the same Raider Time teacher for all of their years at Russell. In that time, students will learn important social and emotional skills such as:
    • Study skills
    • Talking to teachers
    • Relating to peers
    • Managing stress
    • Team-building
    • Being a successful middle school student
  • Students will be assigned 2 WEB Leaders to help them with the transition to middle school. These eighth graders are here to help students acclimate to middle school. They help with everything from finding classrooms to opening lockers.
  • Sixth grade students have a counselor that will follow them through sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Ms. Genna Dacanay (or Ms. Dac) is available to help with anything, from schedules to fights with friends.
  • The sixth grade team understands how challenging this transition can be and encourages parents to reach out with questions, concerns or to ask for help. We are here to support not just students, but parents as well during this exciting time. 

Sixth Grade Expectations

  • Be prepared, be respectful, be on time.
  • No toys, candy, or personal items should be brought to class.
  • Only school-issued Chromebooks are allowed in class. No personal devices, such as cell phones or tablets, are allowed in the classroom.
  • Students are given 10 hall passes each quarter for their use. Students are encouraged to use their passing periods to take care of their personal needs.  

Grading Policies

  • All work is due on the posted due date.
  • If a student is absent for any reason, it is their responsibility to make up missed work.
  • No work will be accepted 2 weeks after the due date, unless arranged with the teacher.


  • Students will be provided with most supplies at school.
  • We ask families to replenish supplies such as pencils when their students run out.