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Gifted and Talented

James Gagnon



- The full time Gifted Education Specialist meets with all GT students daily (a dedicated grade level class period) for enrichment, academic support, and comradeship with other GT kids.

- Advanced Learning Plans (ALP’s) for all Identified Gifted students.

- Advanced classes in all grades and core subjects. Advanced Performing Arts classes. Acceleration is available.

- While many GT students are very strong in certain subjects, it is common that they may have difficulties in other subjects. We have the flexibility to mix and match advanced core classes and core classes that offer more support to best suite individual student needs.

- In GT class, project-based learning takes center stage.


GT Testing and Identification:

  • We administer cognitive, creative, and performing arts based GT Testing yearly.
  • We identify students as Gifted and Talented in the following areas:
    • General Intellectual Ability
    • Specific Academic Aptitudes
      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Mathematics
      • Science
      • Social Studies
      • World Languages
      • Specific Talent Aptitudes
      • Creative or Productive Thinking
      • Leadership
      • Dance
      • Music
      • Performing Arts (theater, speech and debate)
      • Visual Arts
      • Psychomotor


James Gagnon 
Gifted Resource Teacher 

Emily Andrews  
GT Facilitator  
(719) 520-2463 

District 11
Gifted and Talented: